Defective Products

When you are injured by a product that is defective, you may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer and the retailer of the product. A product can be considered defective if one of the following occurs:

1. The product was defectively designed because it did not perform as a reasonable consumer would expect it to, or

2. The manufacturer failed to give a reasonable warning to the purchaser about a known danger of the product.

An example of failing to warn is Johnson and Johnson failing to warn consumers about the risk of contracting cancer from the use of baby talc, or an electronic cigarette manufacturer failing to warn about the risk of the cigarette exploding.

Experienced Advocacy

I have been providing representation to California consumers for more than 25 years. If you sustain serious injuries during the use of a product, I have the ability to analyze the product and the warnings. Through the use of experts, I can determine if you have a viable case against the manufacturer or distributor.

I understand how to negotiate with corporations, having represented insurance companies and corporations. I will do everything to ensure that you recover full and fair compensation. As a trial lawyer, I am not afraid to take your case to court if I feel that you are not being offered a fair settlement.

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