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I'm San Diego Attorney Robert C. Ryan and I can help you with employment legal matters that may have happened during your employment.

If you have been wrongfully fired from your job you may have rights. I handle employment law cases ranging from missed meal breaks, unpaid overtime, loss wages to non-compete agreements, wrongful termination and sexual harassment.

Each matter is unique and should be discussed directly with me to find out if you have a case or not. I work off a contingency fee basis which mean your consultation is free and I don't charge you to speak with me or take money up front unless I wins your case.

You can call me today for a free consultation and to speak directly with me by calling 619-272-6248.

All calls are completely confidential. Learn what your rights are and if you have a case against your current or past employer.

I have helped all types of workers from restaurant workers, servers, janitors, maids, salesman, IT personal and business professionals. I understand that if you are currently still employed that you may have serious concerns and I can help by answering your questions to first figure out if you have a legal matter or not. Call me today 619-272-6248.